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We connect with the right audience, understand what they want to hear and then help you to speak with them.


Every conversation is an opportunity.

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Outsourced Sales: Overview
by Hello Hello

Outsourced Sales: Overview


An extension of your team...

Call Answering

No more missed opportunities or frustrated clients left hanging. We remove the pain of unattended calls, ensuring every interaction is met with professionalism and leads are processed quickly. 

Call Campaigns

Need a call campaign? Our outbound outreach is rooted in targeting the correct niche or sub-niche. We focus on initiating authentic conversations, and work on your behalf to secure appointments or demos with key decision-makers.

Pipeline Management

The burden that comes with managing a dynamic pipeline via spreadsheets or outdated software is not easy to bear. Moving your prospects from lead to conversion is what we do.

We can manage your pipeline and maintain each contact record with meticulous attention to detail, capturing the information that will assist ongoing follow-up efforts.

Prospecting, Sales Administration & CRM Implementation

As your outsourced 'Sales Partner', we are dedicated to nurturing opportunities as if we were your in-house team. We not only champion your CRM setup, configuration and usage, but infuse your team with the know-how to effortlessly navigate these tools properly.

PR, LinkedIn Prospecting

Elevate your outreach efforts with our SMS or LinkedIn campaigns, capturing attention and new pipeline leads in an instant. This is an effective way to supplement email campaigns or monthly newsletters, and enhances customer engagement.

Need help?

If you wish to discuss your needs in a bit more detail - that's fine. Simply book a call to go through your current ideas with a member of the team.

Could an outsourced sales team be your next BIG opportunity?

...Imagine a world where missed sales calls and follow-up challenges become a thing of the past, where quotes are managed on your behalf, and pipeline bottlenecks vanish like a forgotten dream.

Working with Amazing Brands and Partners

Logo of our valued client: 15 Below
Logo of our valued client: CodeGen
Logo of our valued client: 2Hot 2Cold
Logo of our valued client: Connick Tree Care
Logo of our valued client: Body Zest
Logo of our esteemed brand partner: Detail Design Consultants
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Busy with the day-to-day operations?

No problem... We take care of the Sales Calls, your CRM and Pipeline Management.


Oleg Kolodii, Managing Director

They do a great job. A huge asset to my business and we have grown substantially since we started using the team at Hello Hello.