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Social Networking & Prospect Nurturing

Growing your network digitally and professionally using your personal or company LinkedIn profile, connecting with influencers and potential customers. We will populate your CRM and systematically contact these connections to establish and develop new relationships. Creating fresh opportunities, we expand your network and widen your circle of influence while you tend to the daily operating challenges.

Which social media platform better suits your company? Are you looking to attract businesses (B2B) or are you consumer (B2C) orientated? Have you every wondered what to say online - today, tomorrow, next week?  Have you had a go at 'posting', but been left wondering what happens next? 

Those with an online sales and marketing budget will appreciate the use of Google AdWords Pay Per Click (ppc) advertising and search engine optimisation (SEO) as a means to reach their target audience. However, social media feeds can also drive a huge amount of interest towards your website. 

Say Hello Hello can bring a wealth of 'hands-on' experience to the table.   Our own world of reaching out to people has naturally kept pace with the times e.g. 



Postal Campaigns


Text Messages





To discuss Prospect Nurturing and LinkedIn Engagement, book a call with one of our representatives today.

Our dedicated staff work on your behalf to:
  • Identify the most suitable platforms for your business

  • Profile creation on each social network

  • Stock profiles with branded images and company information

  • Schedule planning

  • Content creation

  • Maintain user engagement

  • Audience building

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