Social Media Management

Which social media platform better suits your company? Are you looking to attract businesses (B2B) or are you consumer (B2C) orientated? Have you every wondered what to say online - today, tomorrow, next week?  Have you had a go at 'posting' and wondering what happens next? 

Those with an 'online' sales and marketing budget may like to invest in google adwords pay per click (ppc) and search engine optimisation (SEO) as a means to reach their target audience. But did you know that social media feeds can also contribute to your website rankings? 

Say Hello Hello can bring a wealth of 'hands-on' experience to the table.   Our own world of reaching out to people has naturally kept pace with the times e.g. telephone, postal campaigns, emails, text, facebook, linkedin, twitter, instagram etc etc  along with the raft of systems, tools and now apps to manage them

Are you up for a good old fashioned telephone call (mobile, voip, skype, join-me, whatsapp) or face to face meeting in the first instance and we'll happily share our findings and experience in relation to your company.  One cap doesn't necessarily fit all and we're absolutely a bespoke service that can combine research, copy-writing, design and scheduling across various media so as to reach out and Say Hello Hello on behalf of your brand.

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