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How to use LinkedIn's Social Selling Index

Social selling has been considered as a crucial business imperative since everyone started to walk around with the worlds worth of information in their pockets.

The decision process into any action inevitably passes from the social existence of businesses. The more significant social impact the brand has, the more sales they win in the end.

Admittedly, this is no different in personal branding. As it matters in the real world, your appearance, the personal contacts you have, and the relationship you have with people in your circle determine your presence, popularity and personal attain.

While the term “social selling” takes its place in our business glossaries, the social leader LinkedIn is proposing that social selling is a decisive fact in personal branding as well. And it presents us the Social Selling Index.

Social Selling Index is a part of the premium tool Sales Navigator that LinkedIn designed to help premium members get more leads faster and more comfortable. Although, everyone with a LinkedIn account can get their Social Selling Index core for free. You don't need a premium LinkedIn membership to benefit from this service.

With your Social Selling Index score, you can see how good your LinkedIn profile is doing in your sector. If you are already maintaining a complete profile, sharing relevant content, and connecting with the right people consistently: your SSI is likely to be credible.

As increasing your SSI score will approve your profile’s strength; you would like to take the necessary steps to improve it. But how to increase your SSI score, therefore, your LinkedIn profile standing. And how can you improve your LinkedIn profile?

Establish your personal brand

The first and foremost key to success is to have a strong brand. If your LinkedIn profile hasn’t been updated since 2009 and your profile picture is from your student ID from Uni, it’s unlikely your profile to be taken much seriously.

Completing your profile with the key updates is essential. You should always keep the customer in mind while creating your account content. Make sure your profile picture, headline, summary, and experiences are appropriate and up to date. And always try to be more personal and professional when it comes to sharing your experiences.

Sharing rich content will place you as a thought leader. Interacting with content will increase your visibility. And generating endorsements from customers and colleagues is great for being found and create a strong image.

Find the right people

Identifying the right prospects will give you the advantage of making the right connections. LinkedIn provides great search tools when it comes to finding the right people. But creating the relationship is always on your hands.

After finding the right people, always connect with the professional manner but make sure it is also a personal communication to the potential contact rather than a pre-prepared message that is sent to everyone on your contact list.

Also, consider using the “who’s viewed your profile” list. Others users might be looking for you, but it could be a good idea to say the first hello.

Engage with insights

Sharing relevant content helps you become a trusted source of insight. And being up to date with the current happenings in your field will position you as a stronger profile. Also engaging in discussions where your connections are will show that you are active in business and interested in the same leads.

Lastly, when engaging with other professionals on LinkedIn, always make sure to use relevant information to them. Showing you are interested will differentiate you from being an insignificant connection.

Build relationships

It is always important for your business to know the right people. But what we mean by knowing is having the good relationship with the professionals that you have a place in their index.

Strengthening your network by connecting and establishing the right relationships with the decision makers should be one of the first goals on LinkedIn. Always keep your services on top f your mind while connecting with other professionals. Focus on decision makers and always remember that LinkedIn is a professional platform that is to promote and enhance your professional connections. Make sure to keep your profile and connections as related to your personal brand as possible.

Too much work?

Keeping your professional profile always up to date, your connections strong, and your content relevant can sometimes be harder than you think. Or mostly too time-consuming.

If you are struggling with the strength of your social presence, you can Say Hello Hello to a powerful and effective social media existence with us. Our digital marketing team understands your needs, creates exciting and relevant content, and handles your community and reputation management.

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