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How to choose the best social media platforms for your business?

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Say Hello Hello to an effective social media strategy!

With its ever-growing power, social media is a crucial part of every business’s marketing plan. But just like every business strategy, social media marketing plan also needs to be created well channelled and linked to provide adequate solutions.

It is essential for businesses to decide which social media platforms they will actively promote their brand to create successful social media marketing. But what are the critical elements to consider which social media platforms are the most suitable for your business, and how to decide which channels to promote your brand?

What are your social media strategy objectives?

As with any marketing plan, the channelling and the creative content should support the achievement of your strategic goals. Either your marketing objectives are creating a loyal brand community, increasing brand awareness or lead generation, make sure your active presence on the social media follows with your long-term business objectives.

Deciding which social media channels are more useful for your business depends on your expectations with your marketing plan. If you are a luxury brand looking to sell your products online, you might consider using Instagram to promote your products with attractive informative images for your customer, or may consider opening an Instagram shop to boost up your sales. On the other hand, if you are a business, looking to collaborate with other businesses, an active account on LinkedIn could be the most suitable route for you to reach your business objectives.

While Facebook is holding the primary position when it comes to the user engagement, LinkedIn has a significantly lower ranking on per-user basis. Hence, you should consider how your target audience can be reached through the selected social media channel to create a successful plan.

Once you can explain how the particular social media channel will help to achieve your business goals, researching your customers’ social media habits will create a better understanding of the opportunities.

Which channels your target audience is actively using?

Social media trends have been changing through the time depending on various factors. For example, while Snapchat is mainly used by the younger generation, with the new Instagram story features in 2016, snapshots are used for marketing purposes mainly shifted from Snapchat to Instagram. Also even though Facebook is still one of the strongest social media channels with 2.2 billion monthly users, it has been losing its power over other social media platforms.

It is crucial to keep your customer data updated and always stay on track with which social media channels your target audience is actively using, considering the changes in trends and marketing opportunities.

Your customers’ social media habits as when they are most active on which platforms, how do their online actions take form, and how can you lead them to sales are some of the most critical questions you need to ask while deciding on your social media presence.

How many social media channels can you manage?

A deserted social media account is not a stronger image than not having a social media account at all. Presenting your customers an unfinished account without any consistent content will create a poor image for your brand and lead your customers to the wrong picture of your business.

It is critical to choose which social media platforms you want your brand to be active and make sure an unsupported social media account doesn't damage your brand's image. Hence, it is always wise to have a few social media accounts that are managed well rather than many incomplete accounts.

What kind of content do you want to promote?

When it comes to social media, possibilities are limitless. You can create surveys for your customers, increase the engagement with video content, provide information, post attractive visuals and much more. The critical part of the social media is to maintain the consistency in the quality of your content and make sure you engage with your customers. As each social media platform has its rulers for the content, you might need to decide the most suitable platform for your creative content and how can you adapt.

Do you want to promote your products with a professional video? Or do you want to use attractive imagery to attract your customers?

Say Hello Hello to intelligent social media marketing

Say Hello Hello, creates the most suitable social media plan for your business and promotes your brand on the selected channels with consistent creative content. Either a written or visual content, Say Hello Hello, helps your brand to have a strong image on various social media channels and targets your business objectives.

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