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How outsourcing your admin work can help your business

Say Hello Hello Outsourced Office Admin

Outsourced admin support companies, also known as virtual assistants, are an efficient way for small business owners to lighten their daily workload and provide their customers with a consistent office experience without having to employ staff directly or rent an office.

If answering calls and general day-to-day paperwork is slowing your productivity, but your business is not quite at a size where hiring new staff would be feasible, outsourcing your administrative tasks to an external company could help free you up to focus on the tasks that keep money coming in and your business growing.

Virtual assistant companies offer a range of services that help to ease the day-to-day workload of sole traders and small business owners. If you employed a virtual assistant and receptionist, you get the benefit of:

An organised office

Whether you need help stocking your diary with appointments, you struggle to reply to emails in a timely manner and have given up sorting and archiving your email accounts or your paperwork has no real filing structure, outsourced office support can help whip your admin into shape.

A proactive office support service, like the one offered by Say Hello Hello, will learn your business and continually develop and improve their service to ensure that your customers receive a seamless experience whether they speak to you or your outsourced office team.

A flexible service

Do your customers sometimes call first thing in the morning or in the middle of the night? Not a problem. With a virtual assistant in place, you will never miss a call again. An outsourced office team will answer your inbound calls as if they are your company during working hours and an automated answering service will take and forward messages through the night and at weekends. All of this is carried out in your company name, so your customers will never know they are dealing with an external service.

If you need some outbound calls made to confirm attendance at an event you are organising, you can add additional services to your virtual assistant package or adjust your team’s focus for that week. Outsourced office services can be adapted to your exact needs, often for no additional cost and the Say Hello Hello admin team pride themselves on offering a service that is completely tailored to your business needs.

A consistent service for customers

Do you take payment from customers when you’ve completed a job? Do you have the ability to issue receipts? Your virtual assistant can take payment over the phone, update your books and send out receipts via email or post, leaving you free to move on to your next destination. Running late to your next job? Let your outsourced office inform your customer and warn any more appointments that there could be a knock-on effect to your schedule. With a dedicated administrator assigned to your company, you can be sure that all of your customers and suppliers will receive the same professional attitude and assistance every time they contact your business.

A way to follow up on enquiries

Do you visit your customers to carry out surveys with a view to providing a quote? Your virtual assistant can help send those quotations and follow up with enquiries that have gone cold, in order to qualify their on-going interest in your products or services.

Do you have trouble remembering appointments, or keeping track of whom you have quoted and whom you haven’t? By outsourcing your admin services, you will ensure that you never miss a meeting again.

A way to generate leads

Do you have a list of contact email addresses that you’ve never used for marketing purposes? Your virtual assistant can help re-qualify your customer data with a telemarketing campaign or send email marketing messages on your behalf to help you gain more leads and direct previous customers back into your sales funnel.


Many virtual assistant companies are essentially nothing more than message taking services. If you are looking to outsource your administrative tasks, Say Hello Hello strive to learn how our clients work and how we can help them to improve, allowing us to provide a continually developing service. From basic admin duties and marketing support to social media management and website maintenance on your behalf, Say Hello Hello to outsourced admin support that helps your business grow.

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