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Should you be marketing your business online?

Say Hello Hello Marketing

It’s a simple fact of business that you need to market your brand, products or services to increase awareness of what you do and generate interest from consumers. Say Hello Hello combine established traditional marketing techniques with the latest, proven digital marketing tactics.

While many companies regularly spend significant sums of money on leaflet drops, billboard advertising and other traditional forms of marketing, some business owners and budget holders can be reluctant to allocate funds to digital marketing.

When compared to traditional marketing and advertising techniques and the difficulty in gauging accurate results from them, digital marketing campaigns are an easily measurable, cost effective way to raise awareness of your business, increase the number of leads you receive and learn more about the people that use or show an interest in your products or services. With this in mind, reliance on traditional marketing alone, when potential customers are spending more and more time online, could be limiting your business’ potential to grow.

With online organisations like Google and Facebook providing advertising platforms to target their substantial audiences, ensuring the right people see your marketing messages has never been so easy.

The information web users willingly share with social networks and search engines platforms, be it via search queries, status updates or other general online activities, means that advertisers can target individuals by any number of metrics, from gender and location, to profession and interests.

Of course, it takes time and patience to create a successful digital advertising campaign. Do you have time to ensure your advertising budget is being spent showing your messages to the right audiences? This is where a dedicated digital marketing team can help.

All marketing campaigns have the same broad purpose; to encourage the person viewing to take an action, whether that is visiting a physical premises, calling for a quote or more information, or visiting a particular website. Where digital marketing differs from traditional marketing is its flexibility. A digital marketing campaign can be adapted and changed if it is not performing well.

However, it is important to know what ‘performing well’ means before you start spending. Do you want the outcome of your advertising to be an increase in the number of visitors to your premises? The number of customers you visit your shop and reference seeing your campaign online will therefore define the campaign’s success. Actually converting those visitors into paying customers is down to the advertiser (you).

Digital marketing professionals can do a lot to help your firm grow, but it’s important to begin your marketing efforts with realistic expectations. Before contracting a third party to manage your online marketing or delegating the duty to an existing employee, it is important to establish how much an average sale is worth to your business and whether your company has the infrastructure in place to handle the volume of leads you receive via your online advertising in a swift and professional manner.


Are you already marketing your business online? Are you utilising the wealth of data and advert types available to advertisers? Say Hello Hello can help refine your Facebook ad spend and get you started advertising on Google. Contact us today to find out how. Outsource your digital marketing and Say Hello Hello to an exciting new source of leads.

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