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Digital Marketing and Managing Expectation

Say Hello Hello to managed expectations

Say Hello Hello offers lead generation and brand awareness services in the form of telemarketing and digital marketing.

Any company that hires a digital marketing agency has a certain level of expectation. This is understandable; it’s natural to expect a return on your investment. It is vital that you have a clear idea of what can be achieved with your budget before committing to a digital marketing campaign.

Whether you want to raise awareness of your brand online, want to encourage more visitors to a physical premises, are looking to improve your organic search rankings, or would like to increase the number of leads you receive via your website, your digital marketing team will be able to advise you on the most suitable channels and methods to realistically achieve your goals.

If your aim is to get your phone ringing with enquiries as soon as possible, focusing your marketing efforts on SEO will not achieve this. Any digital marketing agency that ‘guarantees’ your website will reach the top search ranking positions should be avoided. In the early days of SEO, it was possible to manipulate search algorithms to ensure your site quickly ranked highly in relevant search results.

As the industry and the ways that search engines index and rank websites has developed over the last 20 years, the idea of a definitive ‘top ranking’ has been set aside, as search results are increasingly tailored to the individual searching, with metrics such as location and search history effecting what results they would see.

SEO today is a long-term solution for companies looking to create and maintain an organic presence in search results. This is achieved by providing useful, relevant information on your website for customers and creating regular new content for a blog or news section to enhance website and company authority. Maintaining active presences on popular social media platforms often enhances this work and provides another way to engage with and market potential and existing customers.

It is advisable not to become over reliant on a single digital marketing tactic. A mixture of organic and paid digital marketing tactics enables businesses to build authority organically while pushing out messages to targeted audiences that search for, or have previously shown an interest in your products or services.

If you have been handling your own online marketing campaigns and plan to hand over management of your search or social advertising to an external agency, it is not uncommon for the number of leads you receive to fall during the initial set up and testing phase of the campaign. It is important to understand that it may take some time to find the right keywords for your paid search advertising and the right combination of audience data for social advertising. Could your business cope with fewer leads for a few weeks?

The great thing about online marketing is that you can monitor the success of a campaign in real time and make changes immediately. Traditional marketing techniques are simply not as measurable as the tools now available to marketers and advertisers online. If something isn’t working, it can be tweaked or changed as necessary.


If you’d like to embrace digital marketing and start advertising your company online, Say Hello Hello can manage and maintain your ad spent on your behalf. From raising your brand profile on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, to capturing leads via the Google search and display networks, start your online advertising journey today and Say Hello Hello to an exciting new source of leads. Contact us today.

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