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Should you outsource your online marketing?

Say Hello Hello to refined PPC and social advertising campaigns

Say Hello Hello combine proven traditional marketing techniques with the latest digital marketing tactics. Find out if your search and social advertising could be refined and improved by getting in touch.

To attract leads and gain new business, companies need to carry out marketing campaigns. With the internet becoming more prevalent in our day-to-day lives, online advertising is becoming an essential tool for marketing both B2B and B2C companies.

It is not uncommon for small businesses to keep costs down by managing online ad spend in-house. Anyone can create and maintain a Google Adwords account and the only condition to advertising on social media is an account on the platform you want to use, allowing sole traders, small businesses and multinational corporations alike to reach potential customers.

If you have embraced online advertising for your business, can you be sure that the right people are seeing your ads?

Adwords, Google’s advertising platform has been developed and improved since 2000. Companies can bid for ad space available on their search network and via partner sites on their display network (Google-owned and third party websites that allow Google to show ads on their pages).

Effective ad campaigns can take so much time to refine and perfect that an entire professional industry is now centred on providing businesses with efficient, ethical search advertising that generates valuable leads.

This means that Google is the leading platform for advertising online, and one that businesses cannot ignore, especially if competing companies are already using it. However, this popularity means that getting ads for competitive search terms positioned well in search results can be expensive. How much are you paying for each ad click? Are the enquiries you receive as a result valuable to your business? Could a professional ad campaign manager make your advertising spend more efficient?

Social advertising differs significantly from search advertising. Rather than responding to a search query, ads on social media are an interruption, placed into a user’s feed alongside status updates by friends and posts by pages they follow. However, social advertising allows you to access data shared by users so that you can target your ads to only be shown to individuals in your target locations who have already shown an interest in similar companies, products and services.

Essentially, social media advertising helps customers find you. Search advertising helps you find customers.

Focused Adwords campaigns utilising keywords you know your target audience will use and social advertising campaigns that make use of the data that social media users openly share will always be more effective than broad campaigns that simply target people in a certain area that are searching terms that are vaguely similar to the products or services you offer.

However, it is important to understand that when you hand over control of your ad campaigns to a dedicated team, there will be a transitional period when you will receive fewer enquiries. The first month of any search advertising campaign is focused on setup, implementation and testing to ensure the keywords your potential customers search for actually trigger your ads and the content of them persuades users to click.

A focused social advertising campaign may reach fewer individuals in total, but those it does reach will be better positioned to respond to your ads and their calls to action.

If you have been controlling your own online advertising and are looking to hand over management to a digital marketing agency, it is important to know if you can afford fewer initial enquiries at the beginning of the campaign. If your company already relies on leads received via search or social advertising you manage yourself, you should consider whether your company could afford an initial fall in leads as the campaign finds its feet.

It is important to make it clear what your objective is for your online advertising campaign. A search advertising campaign can help increase footfall at a physical premises, increase the number of enquiries you receive via your website or get your company phone ringing more often. The clearer your objectives, the more refined and focused your campaign can be.


If you want to start using Google Adwords to generate leads for your business, or the Facebook ad campaign you’re running has been getting impressive reach but is not generating any valuable leads, the Digital Marketing team at Say Hello Hello can help. Create a balanced marketing campaign with a combination of traditional and digital marketing practices. Contact us today and Say Hello Hello to refined online marketing campaigns.

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