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Say Hello Hello to a website optimised for voice search

Say Hello Hello to optimising for voice search

Say Hello Hello can help your business make the most of the ongoing growth of voice search. Contact us today to organise a free site audit and find out how we can help you.

The volume of voice searches is expected to grow considerably in 2018, with Google Home and Amazon Echo devices becoming more common in homes and the prevalence of Google Now and Siri on mobile phones and tablets. Businesses that quickly embrace these develops stand to get a head start on their competition.

So how do you optimise your company website for voice search?

Humanise the content on your website

Search engine algorithms have developed a significant amount since the 1990s. Back then, website content stuffed full of unnatural wording and obvious keywords was the best way to ensure your website ranked well in relevant search results. These tactics will now do more harm than good.

Website content that is informative and clearly written to be useful for your target audience rather than the search algorithms is now much more likely to lead to positive organic search rankings. With this in mind, to optimise for voice searches, it is advisable to create content that includes questions or phrases that voice search users may ask.

Ask (and answer) more questions

Search queries made by individuals who use voice search often take the form of questions. Determine the questions that are commonly asked by your customers and provide thorough, professional answers to each and your company’s position as an industry authority will soon grow (as it is clear you know your stuff), your company will gain the trust of potential and existing customers, and you will also position your site to rank well for relevant voice searches.

Voice search answers the questions that we naturally ask in everyday conversation; the who, what, where, why, when and hows.

Make sure your local SEO is accurate and up-to-date

If your business relies on customers visiting physical premises, a well maintained local online presence is essential. Individuals who use voice search are more likely to search for ‘shoe shops near me’ than ‘shoe shops Croydon’. Ensuring that the company metadata on your website is accurate and company information on platforms such as Google My Business is up-to-date is a guaranteed way to ensure that local web users will be able to locate your premises when searching.

Make sure your website is responsive (adapts to the device the site is loaded on)

With the number of searches on mobile devices increasing year on year, and the number of voice searches on mobiles increasing even faster, a mobile-responsive website is now essential for businesses. Google also announced in November 2016 that plans were in place to implement mobile first indexing, meaning that mobile-ready websites will eventually rank higher in organic Google search results.

When mobile first indexing is eventually implemented, responsive websites will rank better than sites that do not adapt their look for different devices and those that redirect visitors to a different site altogether when a mobile device is detected.


Get your company website optimised for voice search and get ahead of your competition. Say Hello Hello can help. Contact us today for a free website audit and Say Hello Hello to an optimised website.

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