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Say Hello Hello to Facebook Advertising

Say Hello Hello Facebook Advertising

If you'd like to advertise your business on Facebook but don't know where to start, Say Hello Hello can help. Contact us today to get started.

You’ve had a website built, you’ve created, and are maintaining presences on popular social networks and now you need leads. Rising up the rankings in search results takes time and gaining leads via organic search is never guaranteed, so how can you make your target audience aware of your products or services gaining website traffic and leads quickly?

The best way to get your company seen by potential customers on the web is to use the online advertising platforms available. The most widely used and well known of these is Google Adwords, but a great ROI can be found on Facebook’s native advertising platform.

Facebook ads can be utilised efectively by both B2B and B2C companies and can be set up relatively easily, especially when compared to the laborious nature of setting up and testing a focused and cost-effective Google Adwords campaign.

So why should you consider advertising your business on Facebook?

A low average cost-per-click

If your business is in a competitive market and many of your competitors are using Google Adwords, the chance of having to pay a high cost-per-click is very high.

A targeted Facebook advertising campaign can provide you with results for as little as 1p per click. With a wealth of data available to ensure the right people see your messages, a well thought out Facebook ad campaign can provide an extremely favourable ROI.

A highly targeted audiences

Is your target audience predominantly male, aged between 20-40, living in the Southeast of England, with a particular interest in fast cars? With Facebook advertising you can target just individuals who fit that specific profile.

Every time an individual likes a status update, a page or a post in a group, they are adding more data to Facebook’s platform that can be harnessed by advertisers. This data means you can focus your online advertising like never before.

A wide variety of advertising options

What is the aim of your advertising campaign? Is your goal to increase awareness of your brand? Perhaps you want to direct potential customers directly to your website or sell items directly through the Marketplace. Facebook offers a growing list of ad formats that can be adapted and tailored to your exact requirements.

Book your half an hour how 2

Why not find out if Facebook ads can work for you. We can help, just get in touch. Set up a simple Facebook advertising campaign and Say Hello Hello to new leads from Social Media.

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