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Say Hello Hello Copywriting Services

Learn about the different types of content a copywriter can craft. If your website could benefit from some professionally crafted Copywriting, or you are struggling to put your business into words, Say Hello Hello can help. Contact us today for a chat about what you need and how we can assist you.

Everyone knows how to write a sentence and nobody knows your business better than you, so why should you pay someone to write about or for your business?

Knowledge of a subject doesn’t always mean you can write about it in an engaging way. When supplied with sufficient information and enough time to carry out research, a professional copywriter can craft a range of content on almost any subject.

But what kind of content can a copywriter produce?

Website copy

This is content with a function to entertain, persuade, educate or convert visitors into customers. Good website copy provides information about your business and your services or products and is written with search engines in mind, so the content can be found when users search for specific keywords.

Blog posts

Blog posts are short pieces of content that businesses and individuals share on their website on a regular basis. Often conversational in tone, a blog post can be about any number of subjects, from company achievements you want to promote to new appointments and opinions on industry relevant news.

Press Releases

A press release is a piece of written content created with one aim; to promote something specific about your business. Press releases can be a great way to inform local media about events you are hosting or sponsoring, promote your business to journalists who may want to write about you and improve your online presence via social media and press release sharing websites.


Longer and more formal in tone than a blog post, an article is a focused piece of writing on a particular topic or subject. A great way to showcase professional knowledge, articles can be submitted to relevant external websites (that accept articles from guest writers) or shared as part of a company blog.

Email content

An often-overlooked form of copywriting, writing marketing emails is a skill in its own right. Effective email copy must be short and to the point, be engaging and should always feature a clear call to action.

Marketing literature

This includes a range of digital and printed literature, such as leaflets, brochures and the wording of both online and print advertising. As word limits often feature, the ability to get the point across quickly is vital.

Social media content

Businesses are constantly told they should be active on Social Media but stocking a profile with useful information so your account appears in search results and wording the updates you plan to share can be a headache. An understanding of the platform you are using is essential, as is the way users interact on it.


A well-written ebook, on a subject that is of interest to your customers, which is only available to mailing list subscribers, is a great way to grow your mailing list and cement your position as an authoritative voice in your industry.


While different industries utilise whitepapers for different purposes, an effective whitepaper is a detailed report that presents an industry-relevant issue or problem and provides a persuasive solution in an authoritative voice.

Testimonials/Case studies

There’s nothing better than receiving positive feedback from a happy customer, especially when the feedback can be developed into a case study that showcases the best aspects of your business. Case studies can be shared with potential customers for clarity and transparency, promoted to show best practice and presented on your website as a badge of honour.

Scripts and Presentations

If the idea of addressing a roomful of people is daunting, crafting your words into a bullet-pointed list of prompts and creating a slideshow to support your words is even scarier. A writer can help shape the words and accompanying literature of your presentation so it will flow naturally and engage your audience.

Specialist Copywriting

Of course, there will always be writing tasks that a copywriter cannot complete for you. Technical documents, legal notices and other professional documents that require in depth knowledge of a particular subject are often assigned to Technical Writers; experienced individuals with a flair for words who can write about niche topics with authority. As Technical Writers are often not trained to write, a copywriter can proofread their work for spelling errors and grammatical issues.


If you feel your website could be enhanced with some professionally crafted Copywriting, or you are struggling to put your business into words, Say Hello Hello can help. Contact us today for a chat about what you need and how we can assist you.

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