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Say Hello Hello to an engaged database of prospects

Say Hello Hello Database Cleaning Services

If you have a database of potential leads that you are struggling to speak to, Say Hello Hello's telemarketing team can help. Contact us today for a chat about what you need and how we can assist you.

Do your company email and direct mailing campaigns suffer from high bounce rates and low engagement? Have key contacts often changed roles or moved companies? It sounds like your contact database needs re-qualifying.

It is essential to speak to decision makers when promoting services, products and events. Outsource your database cleaning and a specialist team will update your list of contacts in a time and cost effective manner.

During a database cleaning campaign, your company’s marketing database is checked for validity, accuracy, completeness and uniformity.

An effective data cleaning process will establish:

  • Whether the company still exists.

  • If the named contact still works at the company and, if so, their contact details are accurate.

  • Whether the named contact is still the most suitable person to contact regarding the services, product or event.

  • If there are any other decision makers whose details should be added to the database.

By cleaning and re-qualifying your databases, you can reduce the expenditure of your marketing campaigns and make them more targeted, improve your brand reputation (inaccurate information can reflect badly on your business) and increase response rates for your email and direct mail campaigns by sending them to the right people.

Turn an aged database into a valuable asset and Say Hello Hello to more decision makers.


Do you have a aged database that's in need of refreshing and re-qualifying? Say Hello Hello can help. Contact us today for a free quote.

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