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Outbound Telemarketing

We can typically cover Monday to Friday 08:00 - 18:00 and Saturday 10:00-14:00 hrs, but have a degree of flexibility if working with other time zones

Our speciality is lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns whereby our team identify and build interest over a series of touch points depending how your audience prefers to be reached i.e calls, emails, linkedin - even letters!  

Say Hello Hello will ultimately 'build' your sales pipeline so that your business starts to receive a steady influx of enquiries, appointments or sales utilising soft selling and presumptive sales techniques .  


  • We can help define your target audience and the purpose of your campaign 

  • Calls are initially from a market research stance to help gauge receptiveness of the proposition

  • Messages (or even the audience) is then fine tuned with clear objectives pre-agreed

  • You'll have full sight of your database, conversation outcomes and emerging sales pipeline 

SayHelloHello have been trading since 2005. Our team are natural, knowledgeable and CONFIDENTLY hold meaningful conversations on behalf of your business. Why not book a call to get a feel for our values to see if they complement your own.  

Our professional telemarketers work on your behalf to:
  • Conduct market research and customer surveys

  • Promote new products and product launches

  • Promote events, seminars and tradeshows

  • Advertise sales and special offers

  • Data requalification

  • Call answering

  • Lead generation

  • Arrange appointments

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