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With Halloween fast approaching, the crew here at Say Hello Hello thought we’d give out a few tips and tricks to make your Halloween even spookier. So what goes into making Halloween great? You have to start off by choosing (or making) the scariest decorations for your home, room or even your desk.

Not to say that you should bring a whole pumpkin into work but maybe some pumpkin pie? Here’s a recipe that we favour: 





Decorations are key. The main point of Halloween decorations are to have fun! So don’t worry too much if they don’t look exactly right. Halloween is associated with green, black, orange, purple and red so be sure to use these colours with all your decorations! 
Some things that nearly everyone’s afraid of are: ghosts, spiders, skeletons, witches, blood, demons, zombies and mythical creatures like werewolves, so decorations focused around these are always winners! Here’s some decorations we like here at Say Hello Hello: 















To find out how to make these decorations yourself you can visit our Pinterest page here:

The next thing you want to move onto is picking the perfect costume, as Halloween is pretty much the only time of the year where its acceptable to go out dressed as a banana!

Click here to see our Say Hello Hello mood board of costumes: 





Costumes can be anything you want, perfect example – a banana – or if you’re looking for something a little scarier, here are some past costumes of ours here in the office. Jo – our junior marketing executive – has dressed up every Halloween; some of her favourite costumes are her old-style Harlequin clown outfit, her David Bowie costume and her Tinkerbell outfit. A David Bowie outfit can be found pretty much anywhere online, but for an old-style Harlequin outfit all you need is some makeup, a curly hair wig and some rag clothes. You can stitch up the clothes together in horizontal lines (colour doesn’t matter), put some clown makeup on with the wig and the costume is complete! 

Trick or treating
Whether you’re going out or staying in, Halloween can still always be fun. But, if you’re staying in this year to hand out sweets, a good idea from Sarah here at Say Hello Hello, and something she’s done in previous years, is to get a real life spider in a jar and make the trick-or-treaters hold the jar to get any sweets! Hope they had good grip!

If you are planning on going out this year, make sure to grab as many sweets as possible and don’t wander into any graveyards on the night of the living dead!

pumpkin pie

Click the pumpkin pie for our recipe!

costume ideas
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