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Say Hello Hello to an outsourced sales plan and marketing strategy

Benefits of outsourcing

If you're looking to outsource your sales plan and strategy, Say Hello Hello to a proficient, multifaceted team that gets results.


Our team are experienced across a diverse range of industry sectors with the agility to communicate across a broad range of services, products and events on your behalf. The bigger the portfolio the better as it means that we can quickly determine the best angle of approach when entering into conversation. Campaigns are 'digitally' complemented - our skillsets can be used to undertake social media, copy writing, design, mailing and postal campaigns.

By spreading an agreed number of marketing days over an agreed period of time, we can thoroughly explore, introduce and nurture interest through to a positive outcome. Whether you want more appointments, need increased awareness of your event or a fully stocked diary, the Say Hello Hello team can help you achieve your goals.


You can often Say Hello Hello to positive results within the first few days. In fact, early interest is a good measure of success moving forward. However, not all propositions yield an immediate return. With your permission, we use our experience and initiative to vary your strategy so that you get optimum results for your investment.


If we're not convinced that your marketing strategy will deliver the expected results, we will postpone our actions and contact you for your input on how best to proceed. With your approval, we will continue in the same vein or we can advise and implement our own interpretation of how to achieve your end goal. Say Hello Hello to sharing the risk by increasing the project time frame and placing an assurance on what we know could be delivered.

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