Call Handling 

Call handling makes us here at Say Hello Hello a valuable extension of your sales team! Call handling involves us answering your business calls when you are unavailable to do so, and the team here at Hello Hello will act in place as a member of your business, setting up connections for important clients, giving important information to callers, setting up potential meetings and passing on messages. One thing that's very important within any business and it's client is a basis of trust, which we here at Say Hello Hello aim to achieve with every phone call, no need for scripts or long technical hard-to-understand words, just a friendly, personalised conversation with your business always in mind.  

We begin by getting to know you and your business and set up one industry specific virtual call assistant to handle your calls and push sales focused messages to potential clients. Our team are beyond familiar with couriers around the globe and have specialised in call handling for cosmetic companies, conservatory providers to technology centred business like AI chatbots and augmented reality!

Having a call handling service with Hello Hello means you never miss a business opportunity and callers of your business will be extremely impressed with the level of professionalism we establish and how quickly their call gets answered. When set up, we help out with call answering and client reaching whenever needed. 

Using our call handling services can save you money by paying less for us to answer your calls rather than employing more people into your business. Why choose Hello Hello? We simply provide a well-rounded personalised experience for you and your callers different to basic call centres, our team is made up of very different individuals who specialise in all different kinds of things, all of which can be tailored to your needs. 

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