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Who are Zi Cleaning?

Zi Cleaning is a contract cleaning service company. Clients contact ZIC from schools; care homes; retail stores and more. ZIC guarantee personal attention to detail with their cleaning with unbeatable prices. Carrying out cleaning from small offices to huge warehouses, Zi gives any client a free quote for whatever they need cleaned and get right to business, but after ZIC started losing business from lack of clients, Say Hello Hello stepped in.


What was our objective?

Here at Say Hello Hello, we were determined to get ZIC more clients. We took a look at the company’s website, social media and queried how these can be tweaked to get more natural leads. The owner of ZIC wanted at least 3-4 hours of contract work per client and wanted the clients to be in close locations to each other which we found out after meeting with him personally, to set the bespoke standard of service here at Say Hello Hello. We needed to make ZIC look as good as its services, so we got started.


What was our process?

After getting to know our new client, his business and his goals we set out with a free audit of how his company worked. We found that ZIC focuses on using environmentally friendly products – important in today’s age. After gathering all this information, we performed specialist research into target audience, gathered a whole pool of potential clients for ZIC and got to cold calling, showcasing the company’s credibility using testimonials and reviews. We also took a dive into the website, updated it with more testimonials, pictures and examples of the amazing work done, pulling in more organic leads via the website. Another thing we focused on was the social media output of ZIC, by taking more photos, digitally printing ZIC all over every platform; it got the company a lot more known.


What were the results?

The owner of ZIC was so happy with all his new leads and clients he stayed with Hello Hello for a whole year, reaping the benefits of the new exposure we had provided for his company.

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