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Call Handling & Telephone Answering

A professional telephone answering service providing more than just conventional conversation. When we Say Hello Hello, we sound just like you - having taken the time to become familiar with your brand and services. 


We can direct or take prospects and customers through FAQ’s, help handle sticky situations and customer service queries, and generally step in to act for those business that are predominantly in the field and therefore not able to answer their phones as readily as their clients expect or need.

  • We begin by getting to know you and your business

  • We set-up an industry specific virtual call assistant

  • We push sales focused messages to potential clients

Having a call handling service with Hello Hello means you never miss a business opportunity. Callers to your business will be impressed with the level of professionalism, as well as how quickly the call is answered. 

To discuss your Call Handling needs, book a call with one of our representatives now.

Our call handling service involves:
  • Answering calls like a member of your business 

  • Making sure no business is lost due to an un-answered phone call

  • Relaying all professional information about your company's services to new clients 

  • Answering calls to your business if you're too busy or simply don't want to!

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